Merck & Co,  Sr. Systems Analyst


Enhanced and developed a Sales Tracking/Sales Force Automation system, building various ActiveX DLL and ActiveX Controls to implement the Sales Force Configuration, Territory Conflicts, Org Unit, Parent Org Unit, HQ City, Back Date Notification, Import/Export, Queue, Poll and Process modules.


Developed a tool to create and manipulate DB objects in a Dynamic Access db file Designed and built the Pivots for sales analysis. Implemented an ADO persistent data object model and created XML files. Used various 3rd party controls from Sheridan and Component One like Tlist, VBRig, dbgrid, xChart. Involved in ETL process of sales data from Db2 to Oracle 8i.


Developed various tools by extensively programming in VB6, COM, ActiveX, Access/Excel VBA, DB2, Oracle 9i, Unix, Clear Case, ASP, VB Script, Informatica.


Rutgers State University,  Instructor


As a part time instructor I have given software development training in a formal classroom setting for corporate clients & partners.


Involved in preparing and delivering customized partner service programs including instructional design, Content development and creation.


Responsibilities include Reviewing and preparing course materials and presentations, preparing and giving out the hand outs, conduction the tests, preparing for certifications and assessment of the students.


Successfully completed training for 20 groups, averaging about 15 to 20 students per each group. Programming languages taught are VB6, Excel, Access, Word, VBA, Oracle 8i, ASP, Java Script, HTML


Penguin Putnam, Tech Lead


As a group lead for 5 Programmers responsible for converting Penguin's Royalty Application from vb3 front End / DB2 Back End system to an Object Oriented VB 6 / SQL Server system.


Designed and developed a robust ad hoc statement Scheduler and printing system to generate, Schedule and print the billing statements. This tool replaced an existing system and has achieved flexibility, Customization, Improved performance and better resource utilization.


Enhanced and Redesigned Escalation, Working together, Amortization, Marriage, Contracts, Sub Rights, GL, AR and AP COM component modules.


Designed and Administered the Migration Schema using Erwin and SQL Server.


Used various development tools and technologies like VB6, Sql Server, TSQL, ASP, PVCS, Crystal, DB2, XML, VB Script, Access VBA, Erwin, Rose.


CBS, Systems Analyst


Developed and Migrated an intranet enabled TV Sales Tracking application to analyze, schedule, maintain, manage and track the spots, Programs and sales reports.


Developed user interface and OLE Server side COM objects. Used pivots, Graphs, linked workbooks and linked sheets.


Technical tools used include VB4, Excel/Access 97 VBA, Oracle 7, ASP, Crystal, VB / JScripts.


Comcast, Sr. Programmer Analyst


Enhanced and migrated Comcast Integrated Financial Application used for Budgeting, financing & Forecasting.


Developed and migrated the reporting tool from Access 95 to Access 97 that generates various G/L, AR, AP, PNL reports. Used various 3rd party controls like Sheridan Grid, Tlist, VBRig, Sub Classing, True Dbgrid, VA Spread.


Used MAPI to Implement the Auto mailer module to distribute the program guide and sales reports.


Developed the applications using VB4, Excel/Access 97 VBA, Crystal.


Lanier World Wide, Sr. Programmer Analyst


Developed Document Capture, an intranet enabled module to create, store and track the digital images of the documents on an ONLINE document system.


Developed the front end user interface and work Flow module.


Used VB4, SQL Sever, TSQL, ODBC, ADO, Stored Procedures, ASP, VB Script, Interdev, C ++, API.


Solar Turbines, Programmer Analyst


Designed and Developed Project Definition System that helps to build and generate the specs of power turbines as per the client's requirements.


Developed budgetary proposal reports and Application Check Sheets using VB4, Oracle, Crystal, ActiveX, PL/SQL.


College, Projects Trainee


Successfully developed a Pascal to C Converter (parser/compiler), as part of my Engineering coursework using C, C++.


Developed a Pay Roll Processing System and an ECG Preprocessor during my Polytechnic coursework using Cobol.