My Bio

Deepak Ravella: A Trading Systems Analyst by profession and a Film Actor by passion. Deepak worked in software industry for about 10 years with diversified clients. Later on, he shifted his focus in Finance sector and worked work with top Investment banks.


Mr. Deepak Ravella was born to his parents, Sri. Sambasiva Rao and Nirmala, in Guntur, A.P, INDIA. He was raised in a small town "Tenali" along with his brother Uday and his sister Sushumna. He is married to Supriya, and blessed with two daughters Nimitha, Bhavitha & a son Shivaan.


Deepak completed his Polytechnic diploma in Computer Science and then earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. He migrated to U.S.A in 1996 and became a naturalized citizen. Deepak worked in software industry for about 10 years with diversified clients across the industries. Later on, primarily focusing in Finance sector he worked for over 10 years with top Investment banks like JP Morgan Chase, NYSE, Dow Jones, U.B.S, Citi bank.


Deepak was scared of doing math and never understood the laws of physics and neither the structure of biology nor the compositions of chemistry. Deepak was always fascinated to work in the fields of IT, Medicine and Art. Having no brains to go to medical school and carrying a generic opinion that art doesn't feed the belly, he was strongly influenced to build a Technology career. Having found his wife's interest to do medicine, he sent her to medical school and killed the next bird.


While his wife is struggling with medical studies and having an emotional hardship due to separation of family and kids, you can guess what is he left with - Arts and Entertainment. Realizing that his fond passion towards art of film making and acting was never lost, Deepak enrolled in film school.


Deepak is a trained actor, script writer and film maker. He completed various workshops with New York Film Academy, Scott powers studio, Actors Connection, Stella Adler film schools. Deepak acted in multiple Stage and Film productions in English, Telugu and Tamil. Deepak’s passion for acting and film making turned him to float Nimbhav Productions. He produced and acted in a Short Film, A Date”, which was critically well received for its different content. 5M” is the second venture on Nimbhav productions where he pushed the boundaries for himself by acting and producing a silent film, a genre that is attempted rarely. He produced and acted in Nimbhav's 3rd project "vinukora Telugoda", a Telugu musical drama. He also played supporting roles in telugu films Subramanyam for sale, TulasiDalam, Rendu Rellu Naaluge, Gangs of Vegas. Deepak recently acted in a Bollywood (Hindi film), in which he is also one of the Co Executive producers.



Deepak, as an adherent lover of Telugu art, language, its culture and traditions, he has been active with in many community charities, programs and events. He believes in creating an opportunity and is always interested to tap, encourage and promote the talent. One day, he wants to be his own Boss.